Kamerion Wimbley's Bio


Former Tennessee Titans’ s linebacker Kamerion Wimbley is the epitome of a gentle giant.  Kamerion retired in 2015, but was known for his hard-hitting on the field yet kind, generous and warm-hearted off the field, it is no surprise that fans, media and teammates alike flock to Kamerion’s personality. Hailing from Wichita, Kansas, this Midwest transplant has taken the sports community by storm. Although he played quarterback and linebacker in high school, he ultimately decided his size and speed were perfect for the defensive side of the ball, where he has earned his weight in gold in the NFL. Kamerion started his successful career at Florida State University, where he was considered to be one of the top defensive ends in the nation, and was awarded All-ACC and All-American honors by Pro Football Weekly in his senior season.  With his speed, size and strength, it was easy to see that Kamerion was the prototype linebacker, destined for success in the NFL.  The Cleveland Browns certainly saw this and drafted him 13th overall in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Cleveland quickly fell in love with Kamerion as he led the team in sacks for an outstanding rookie campaign in the 2006-2007 season.  In 2010, Kamerion was traded to the Oakland Raiders and he took the Bay Area by storm, helping to build a strong and consistent defense that elevated the Raiders to AFC West conference contenders. In 2012, Kamerion signed a five-year contract with the Tennessee Titans. Kamerion’s strong yet calm and patient nature made him a natural role model for others on his team, and set the table for an easy transition to his current team, the Tennessee Titans.

Despite being tremendously successful on the football field, Kamerion’s off the field accomplishments refuse to be overshadowed. To prepare for his future after Football, Kamerion devotes a lot of time planning maintaining and keeping up the ten businesses he owns. In 2012, he attended the prestigious Business Boot Camp at Stanford University put on by NFL Players Engagement and continues to develop his current business ventures. His favorite business is the Gold Label Kennels where they safely and responsibly breed, the American Bully. Being a professional athlete has given Kamerion the means to truly enjoy his passion of safe and responsible dog breeding and care. As a “pet project,” Kamerion is also working on a dog registry, the Bulldog Breed Coalition Registry, which offers more innovative options for a broader population of people to be able to track their dogs’ ancestry.  Kamerion is also known to be quite a cook, having competed on and won the Super Bowl Cook-off Competition on the Rachael Ray Show this year; he certainly knows his way around the kitchen!

Kamerion has worked tirelessly in an effort to give back to the community and is excited to continue to develop his own foundation in the coming years.  Kamerion has hosted his annual “Shop with a Jock” events for the past three years in Oakland and Nashville, where he brought 50 abused and neglected children to a local Wal-Mart, and took them on a shopping spree. Kamerion also works as an advocate for dogs, donating money to ensure safe breeding for dogs in Florida and California.  He is often found participating in community service events on his off day, and recently participated in the NFL’s Fuel Up! Play60 initiative, where he spoke at a local elementary school area and discussed the importance of proper nutrition and staying active. Kamerion’s approach to life always ensures success.

With a handsome smile and extremely fit physique, it is no shock that the media loves Kamerion.  He even showcased his athleticism in an episode of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, and on the pages of Men’s Health, Athlete’s Quarterly , Pro Football Weekly, Distinct Homme Magazine, Home Business Magazine and on the cover of B.O.S.S Magazine. Already a hit with the sports media, often seen on ESPN, NFL Network, NBC Sports and more, this crossover star on the rise is destined to dazzle audiences for years to come. From NFL Star to Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, there is so much in store for Kamerion Wimbley.